Wildlife SOS in Agra: The Ring in the Wild

Duration of The Tour – 2 Days / 1 Nights
Places covered – Delhi - Agra - Delhi

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Pollution is having an increasing impact on every sphere of daily life. The most impacted group of all living things is wildlife. Many species of animals are either extinct or at risk of going extinct. The Animals SOS initiative aims to safeguard and conserve wildlife.

Wildlife SOS in Agra

Wildlife SOS Agra Tour: Regarding Wildlife SOS
Wildlife SOS was founded in 1995 by a small group of people as a forum for wildlife protection. It not only protects the neighbourhood but also offers a high level of biodiversity and a suitable home for wildlife. The project places a strong emphasis on developing sustainable livelihood strategies while carrying out these environmental protection initiatives. The action works to safeguard and inform the public about practices like animal confinement, poaching, and reptile hunting, which affect anything from fierce animals like tigers to enormous animals like elephants. The group works around the clock to protect and sustain animals. The group has links to many communities and works to raise awareness of the need to preserve and safeguard our unique variety. The only purpose of the Agra Animals was to safeguard Agra and its natural resources, including its woods and wildlife. Instead of a generalist with just a basic understanding of wildlife, our firm, Tour guide Agra, offers the services of a specialized guide with a well-developed knowledge of animals.

Bear Rescue Center in Agra
The Wildlife SOS Bear Rescue facility is its most notable achievement. Saving 600 dancing bears from the natives is praiseworthy. Until then, the tribal people had taught these bears to dance in exchange for payment. The approach centred on mistreating this species and involved rigorous training. The beers are given excellent care in a natural setting at the rehabilitation facilities. This bear has a 90-day thorough health examination and the appropriate vaccinations. Following this stage, the bears are exposed to socialization, during which Wildlife SOS and veterinarians carefully observe each bear's behaviour and personality. The Wildlife SOS also provides access to physicians and veterans around-the-clock. The hospital has all the tools required to take care of the bears. Other equipment is also available, including X-rays, ultrasounds, dental suits, and operating rooms. The centre that rescues bears in Agra makes a long-term commitment. Prominent organizations like IAR-UK, FTB-Australia, or One Voice, France, have associated with the organization. Wildlife SOS has also worked on several other programmes to protect other species, including leopards and reptiles, as well as the ecosystem as a whole. Other initiatives, like

Accessing Agra Wildlife SOS
The company offers the ability to reserve a taxi with pick-up and drop-off services during your stay in Agra. The business is close to the Sur Sarovar Bird Sanctuary on the Delhi-Agra route. You must pass two engineering colleges and then look for a yellow sign, which indicates the entrance to Sur Sarovar, 15 kilometres before the Mathura toll gate. To get there, you must travel an additional 2 kilometres. The invasion of natural areas is endangering wild animals in several ways, including the existence of open wells, in addition to the apparent hazards of habitat fragmentation and deterioration. Many lives have been lost due to these wells turning into death traps for the local wildlife. There have been leopards rescued by Wildlife SOS from deep, open wells, hyenas, jackals, and even bears. For the animals, some of these interactions may be very serious.

Wildlife SOS Agra Tour: Open Wells Conservation Project
Animals have difficulty locating the wells since there are insufficient coverings to block the good mouths. Animals that fall into dry wells frequently perish instantaneously or die slowly if not saved. Those who fall into wells with water in them risk drowning and asphyxiation. To date, Wildlife SOS has saved over 40 leopards from drowning in wells in Maharashtra, a state with the highest leopard population in the country. Wildlife SOS has started the Open Wells Project to cover up to 40 wells to turn the state into a safe sanctuary for leopards and other wildlife. One of the most crucial duties we perform is saving and treating animals in such life-threatening circumstances, but obtaining the necessary resources is extremely difficult.

Centre For Elephant Conservation And Care:
These magnificent animals can now enjoy their days without being forced to carry heavy burdens or walk on sweltering streets, with regular showers, healthy food, and excellent veterinary care. The centre is the closest to the elephants' natural environment since it is covered with lush foliage, has plenty of open space nearby for daily walks, and has several trees for them to scratch against. The elephants now have access to accessible swimming areas and water pools where they may play and take baths.

Bottom Line:
As a travel agency offering wildlife trip packages in Agra, we have made great strides toward our objective of creating happy wildlife enthusiasts. Providing the best value possible to our valued customers is what we do every day. The most significant prize we have received for our efforts is our reputation as Agra's wildlife trip operator.

The Best of the Wildlife SOS Agra Tour:

  1. Wildlife SOS Tour by Car from Agra
  2. From Agra, visit the Wildlife SOS Elephant & Bear Sanctuary.
  3. Explore the Agra Fort's vast area and discover more about its Mughal architecture.
  4. Discover the renowned Taj Mahal and the Tomb of Itmad-ud-Daulah in greater detail (Baby Taj)
  5. Eat a classic Indian meal at a well-known eatery.
  6. A private tour with a knowledgeable guide guarantees a more individualized and adaptable experience.
  7. The use of a car with air conditioning is provided
  8. Camel rides and tonga rides are available in Agra.
  9. All fees and taxes, including tolls, parking, driver's compensation, state taxes, etc.

Project to save habitat:

  1. Forest Watch is an anti-poaching organization.
  2. Cell for a reptile rescue
  3. Seminars and Workshops
  4. Pricing and Visitation Times for Wildlife SOS

The Wildlife SOS may be visited at various times

  1. 09:00 - 11:00 hours
  2. 11:00 - 13:00 hours
  3. 14:00 - 16:00 hours
  4. 16:00 - 18:00 hours

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